We offer 2 program choices to our customers:

  1. One time service - this is a one-time, single pest issue.  We will follow up as often as necessary to make sure the problem is taken care of.
  2. Annual program - 3 treatments during the course of a year.
  • 1st service - spring treatment to get a jump on pests when they first start coming out, especially ants.
  • 2nd service - mid-summer treatment to eliminate additional pests, like bees, as they start to make nests.
  • 3rd service - fall treatment to prevent invaders like, Asian lady beetles and box elder bugs, from entering the home.
  • This program also covers rodent control and inspections for entry points.  Free return visits if anything comes up between services or in the winter months.

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 Blackhawk Pest Control prides itself on using treatments that are not only effective,

but used responsibly, to protect your family and pets.


 We use safe and environmentally-friendly products that are highly effective for the control of pests.

Serving Minnesota and Iowa with 15 years of insect and rodent control experience.   Located in Nowthen, MN. 

Call for your free estimate (763) 432-5463 or (641) 260-0552